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confronting the real reason for disparities in birth and pregnancy outcomes: Racism

Racism and Bias in Healthcare: The FACTS

Many physical health factors do not explain the disparity for African American women in maternal mortality. Studies have shown that:

  • A person's RACE is NOT a risk factor itself
  • "Black women who live in affluent neighborhoods, receive prenatal care in the first trimester, are normal weight, and have advanced degrees are still more likely to die or have their baby die than white women in poor neighborhoods, with no prenatal care, who are obese, and don’t have a high school diploma."- Dr. Joia Creer Perry
  • Blacks are NOT immune to pain, or feel less pain compared to other races
  • Blacks do NOT  have "thicker" skin 
  • Smoking and drug abuse, as well as obesity, DO NOT explain why more African American mothers die from pregnancy. 


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